Commitment. Expertise. Results.

LVS provides marketing, business development, and sales services to help clients increase revenues and realize market potential.

By defining defines goals and creating baseline metrics, we are able to track progress, adjust approaches as needed, and repeat successes in a consistent, ongoing way.

Founded by industry veteran, Cathy Kenton, LVS is focused on:

» Creating Lasting relationships: Building long-term, trusted-advisor relationships with select clients we like and believe will grow to be market leaders

» Value through innovation: Applying fresh approaches to common challenges and integrating business technologies into everything we do

» 360° view of the legal landscape: Broad experience working with and within legal vendors, law firms, legal media, and legal associations is applied to every project and relationship LVS draws upon broad experience working with legal vendors, law firms, and legal associations to break the “everyone else is doing it” mindset. This fresh perspective helps clients adapt more innovative approaches to doing business.

Leadership at the table

With first-hand experience leading change inside legal technology companies, and decades of success selling products and services to lawyers, law firms, and legal departments, LVS helps you avoid pitfalls, generate internal buy-in, and turn strategies into action.

LVS Founder, Cathy Kenton

LVS Founder, Cathy Kenton

Cathy Kenton draws upon more than 30 years’ experience working in the legal industry to help legal vendors and associations make strategic decisions about marketing and business development. Her experience includes working as a litigation paralegal specializing in complex litigation, to senior management positions at Abacus and As the Founder of LVS, Cathy helps clients increase market share and deliver products and services to attorneys, law firms, and general counsel.

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